Our Services

Residential Construction

Haig Engineering & Construction have indulged in the construction of various types. Residential construction is one of the best services we provide. In the residential construction, we build homes of various types. Our experienced and professional team has been working and still working on many residential projects. Our main target is to satisfy the customer’s satisfaction and help to build their dream homes.Read More

Commercial Construction

We as Haig engineering & construction, have a huge portion of experience in commercial construction. As the need for offices and business places gets increasing every day, many want to build commercial buildings to start new businesses or to expand their existing businesses. Few are offices, spas, shopping malls, and other government offices. Commercial constructions are totally different from residential construction.Read More

Structural Engineering

Haig Engineering has a good experience in the development of the structural design plans and specifications. We also provide the unique design for both industrial and commercial purposes. Our professional team creates drawings, design specifications; perform calculations including the reports and evaluations. The design and plan of the buildings, bridges, power plants including the large structures are done successfully by our experienced team.Read More

Civil Engineering

Haig engineering has provided the list of services for the multiple clients in a unique manner. The civil engineering service encompasses residential, commercial, institutional and public works. Each and every civil project focuses on the site development, potable water, dams, storm water treatment and sidewalk improvement etc. We are mainly involved in the private construction and real estate constructions.Read More