Residential Construction

Haig Engineering & Construction, Los Angles CA is always involved in the selling of the individual and multifamily dwellings. We always heed to the customer’s idea and then we come up with our valuable designs and suggestions. Let's see what we actually do under residential construction. Generally, the manufactured houses are divided into the mobile homes and the pre-built houses. We are most successful in the unique path of the construction crew on a reliable and continual basis.


We build new construction, which are new houses with respect to the customer's request. In this, we do all the design, exterior, and interior. Basically, we take care of the entire residential construction, which is from the basement to roofing. Apart from constructing new buildings, we do construct additional story according to the client's request. At the same time, we check all the requirements and do a feasibility study and even check the permits granted by the governing authority. Enhancing additional story we would cost less than building a new house. We are expert in designing Patios; have an ample number of patio designs and patterns. Our designs are high in quality and easy eye-catching. We have a high reputation and experience in the residential construction field.

Residential Construction


Our workers are not only expertise in exterior design, but they have a sound insight in interior designing too. Interior designing would cost according to the customers' requirement and the materials need to do it. Nowadays interior designs are in high demand because people got a mentality of investing more money in the home and less for the exterior. The interior really matters, because of the persons most likely to spend time inside the house. Let's see few of the services we do in interior residential construction.

Flooring is the basic thing that comes to everyone's mind; everyone wants the floor to look awesome and the design to be tidy. Flooring is now really considered by many after the advent of 3D flooring. Apart from flooring, we concentrate on windows and doors. Windows and doors are considered one of the main attractions of the house. We do have an ample number of design patterns for doors and windows. And we work on kitchen designing and kitchen remodeling. Nowadays turning a normal kitchen into a modular kitchen is more popular. We provide great ideas and tips for the cutlery racks and also for the installation of chimneys. Our team makes a pleasant ambiance to live with only having your blueprint.